Friday, August 15, 2014

The Locke project (Not clock related)

The Locke project.

My 1970 Locke lawnmower.  Gotta love the thing.  In many circles believed to be one of the sturdiest, and finest cutting machines ever made.  For years they were the only machines used on the White House and Capital grounds. Unfortunately, the high maintenance costs and fancier commercial machines available have thrown them by the wayside. Not mine though.

I guess it's been 2 years ago now, but my winter project was restoring this beast.  Every single nut, bolt, spring, gear, blade, everything, taken apart, hand cleaned, wire brushed, primed and painted the original colors.  Lastly, using original pictures and other machines that still had some left, it was pinstriped the same as each machine built at the factory.

There's nothing that delivers a cut like a reel type machine.  I have been using this machine for over 25 years, and although even  in it's previous rusty condition, it cut just as well as it does now.  It's just more fun to use looking pretty.

Here it is before.
Here's 2 after.
This was the first day.
Before and after of one of the clutches.

Partial assembly